LPN to RN Programs

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Career in health care sector has always been fruitful with ever tremendous demand in this field. One such career option which has to be given due considerance becomes the field of Nursing. Nursing has become a fundamental component of health care system in recent times. It laid the pavement for certain crucial parts of health care management such as patient interaction and efficient delivery of medical care. Nurses make up an essential part of our healthcare system, and make up the largest number of the healthcare occupations. This demand for the quality and advanced health care service has led to a revolution in the jobs of medical or health care services. As modern technologies and approaches to medicine constantly evolve, so do the needs of consistent education for nursing professionals. The programs which are meant to fit the present advancements in health care sector and maintain the quality health care include LVN, LPN, RN, BSN etc.

LPN is considered to be the finest start for a career in health care services. The job of the LPNs includes the elementary and important segments of the health care services. In simple the work of a LPN includes bedside care activities for the patient. Licensed Practical Nurses are responsible in maintaining patient’s case sheet which involves recording basic information of the patient such as age, weight, height, temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate and respiration rate. They also monitor the patient’s pharmacokinetic profile and check for any adverse reaction of any drug or treatment which is important for a therapy. Also as a part of their work they prepare some infusions or other basic formulations such as injections, enemas, alcohol rubs, etc. and also maintain medical equipments. They may also collect samples from the patient for various analytical and chemical procedures. On the whole the complete job of the LPN includes assisting the patient in performing his or her daily activities in a way that does not harm then or worsen their present condition any more. The work of a LPN is always guided or supervised by a RN.

Registered Nurses are the health care professionals who have the required or relevant educational qualifications (graduation or diploma) and have passed the national licensing exam. They are mainly involved in treating and educating patients and public in various medical conditions and providing both physical and emotional assistance to them. The LPN training program is of shorter duration than the Associate Degree Certification which is required to be eligible for the job of a registered nurse. That is the reason people choose the LPN certification and it is the best way to earn fast with a less investment in education compared to the RN programs. But when a people complete gets into the shoes of a profession the desire for improving his or her designation emerges. To make a move to their career LPN can go for LPN to RN or LPN to BSN training programs that would make then earn a higher position in the organization (RN). The position of a RN id comparatively higher than the LPN, and it takes two to four years of study to be eligible for it. There are many schools and colleges that offer on campus and online LPN to RN courses. But before your get into the program you should be sure that you can complete the course in the admitted place itself. Because being a LPN you need to work for 40 hour a week and make sure that the school and training programs you have chosen give you the time to complete the course efficiently along with the other responsibilities. Most part time or online LNP to RN programs are considered to the finest choice for such bridge course when you are working. Anyhow if you are comfortable with the on campus you can enroll for that either.

Most of the schools offering the LPN to ASD course facilitate the enroller with the chance of getting into the ASD programs in the third semester once you have met the requirement criteria. On completion of the course with required credit once will receive a certification from the school he or she graduated in. Now the individual will be an applicable candidate for the registration of licensure examination held by the NCLEX-RN. On qualifying which the person will consider as a RN according to the legal terms. Along with the license to practice as a registered nurse on must possess some extra skill set which include the following.

  • Good at communicating with the patients and other customers
  • Concern towards ones pain and emotions
  • Ability to interpret the obstacles in the way of performing his or her responsibilities and undertake them efficiently
  • Should have perfect in issues regarding the medical and surgical procedures to as to perform well at assisting.
  • Ability to deal with medical equipments
  • Be patient and work with commitment

The high demand for RN’s and the exceptional earning potential makes it the most eligible job for almost all the people who are paying attention into it and one who are benevolent and kind hearted. It does not impose any constraints related to age to get in the job one the candidate has the required for being eligible for the job. Career as LPN as well as RN has been proving to be the most promising profession. Recent advancements in the health care sector and enormous investments in this field are of focus for most of the people today. There are wide varieties of places that offer placements for RNs. Jobs are available at hospitals, schools, private organizations, government organizations, and even private duty. There are a large number of areas, such as cardiac nursing, wound & oncology, orthopedic, nephrology, pediatrics, labor and delivery, critical care, and much more in which a RN can get specialized in. Employment of LPNs and RNs are predicated to have the utmost budding career openings and thereby the pay. The Scope of the LPN job is increasing constantly with the availability of the training programs like LPN to RN and RN to BSN.

LPN can be abbreviated as Licensed Practical Nurse and is the term used to refer to the nurses who take care of the ill and injured ones at health care service places in United States. They work and look after the needs of the patient under the guidance of the licensed and practiced health care providers. The basic responsibilities allotted to a LPN at the work place are check and record vital signs, provide bed care, administer medication and other medical procedure required for hygiene like enemas, catheters, bed baths, dressing etc. they also help in feeding and other regular activities that patient might not be able to do by self. By experience a LPN can be assigned a position where he or she has to supervise a new of LPNs how need guidance. Collecting samples and recording the intakes and outputs is also the responsibility of a LPN. They have to gather all the information in order to prepare the report of medical history of the patient. It is his or her duty to keep an eye on the reaction of the drugs and improvement in the medical condition of the patient. A LPN also help the patient through he rehabilitation period and help them get out of the mental state of illness so that after discharge he or she can get along with life normally.

The name licensed practical nurse itself articulates that the individual needs to acquire a license in order to label himself or herself as a LPN. To become a licensed practical nurse one must undergo a training that is approved by the state or the country. Once he or she completes the training period they become eligible to apply for the licensure required for a LNP. There are many practical nurse training programs that you can prefer. But it is hard to advice you the best of all because these training programs differ from state and country. It is better you consult or enquire your state board for the course available in the training of LPNs. It is the immense and rapid increase in the demand and growth of the nursing jobs that lead to schools and colleges concentrate on the LPN and LVN training programs. Other than these there are some hospitals, universities and medical trusts or organization which shows interest in offering the health care related courses. The individual willing to get in to the LNP training program must acquire or complete a high school diploma in order to be an eligible candidate. And every aspirant has to go through a LPN entrance test and must get through it if they wish to get into LNP schools.

The aim of the LPN training programs is to improve the knowledge of the LPN aspirants in nursing practices that help in understanding and fulfilling the roles and responsibilities that come along with the job. The aspirants will be trained in both theoretical and practical aspects. The theory part includes anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, first aid, and medical and surgical aspects. The practical classes are held at hospitals or nursing labs that are especially for training the nursing students. Practical part involves practice of the medical procedures they have to perform as a part of LPN duties. There are both on campus and online training programs available for convince of the aspirants. But you need to make sure that the school or college you are getting enrolled in to must be a government accredited one. This is the most important point you need to remember while you are in search of a LPN school. Once you are admitted into an accredited school it will makes it possible for continuation of the education on transfer if required. Most of the schools offer the LPN training in two main bases that is full time and part time. No matter which program you choose you will be certificated if you get through eh required credits. The colleges even provide the facilities of day and evening classes.

Though there are many schools offering on campus training programs it might not be at comfort for a few people who are busy with their jobs or responsibilities but still have the will to grow in career. The remedy for this is Online LPN Schools which have come into wide usage and are prominent on wed. Now-a-days the internet has made online training programs very easier and most of the career oriented fields have the online training facility. Once you get enrolled into a trusted service provider or online schools they you will be provide facilities like study material and CDs that will help you along the course. Studying online means taking classes via internet, it can be through video conference, teleconference, and recorded lectures. And you can attend these classes when you get time and can adjust according to you busy schedule. And don’t just get enrolled blindly on referral LPN online schools. Check whether they are accredited by the national or government authorities or not. Mostly a trust worthy online school will provide the details of recognition or permission in their websites and if you want to confirm you can check it with the concerned organizations.

The individual who has completed, one year nursing program has to apply for National Council Licensure Examination in order to obtain a LPN License. The examination is administrator and held by the National Council of state board of nursing. It is a computerized examination and includes concepts related to four basic aspects that are important from the client satisfaction point of view. They are safety and valuable concern, health promotion and maintenance, psychological integrity and physiological integrity. If you score high and get through the examination then license that will be handed over to you will pronounce you a Licensed Practical Nursing legally. But need to keep it mind that the license does has an expiry date and you have to renewal it before the date of expiry by paying the required amount of money.


LPN Program

by admin on July 12, 2011

What is LPN program?

LPN is a program specialized in nursing and intended for the people having ability and will to care for injured, sick, under-treatment and rehabilitation individuals for preventing illness. It is a rewarding career and a way to prepare individuals to make preparation for facing challenges in healthcare stream.

LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse. You need to be informed about LPN career and best LPN schools you can refer to become a professional. Nursing is a career requiring compassionate heart and you need to have stability of mind to dedicate your services to people in need.

What are primary requirements to take admission in LPN Program?

Nursing requires certain perquisites for admission. It is preferable to take science and mathematics subjects in your high school for getting ease in LPN training. You require high school degree or clear GED to enroll into LPN Program.

You can also consider your personality and general traits to see whether you can dedicatedly perform patience and empathy requiring tasks. After you are sure that you want to take admission in LPN course, it would be essential to search for a right school to attain formal education in LPN programs.

LPN Education

LPN Programs are usually not very lengthy and require about one to two years duration, depending on the coursework and time allotted by LPN School. You can find this course at various vocational schools, community colleges and online schools.

What are constituents of LPN coursework?

LPN Program consists of theoretical studies including medical terminology, basic nursing, anatomy, surgical nursing, geriatrics, pharmacology, psychology, physiology and communication skills. Students have to complete theory studies and then shift over to internship for getting practical sessions of nursing. LPN requires addition of further knowledge from time to time and continuous education can brush up your skills. There are a lot of nursing resources avalible for students to help them excel in school.

Where can you search for popular LPN Programs?

LPN courses are becoming vital to get linked up with prestigious healthcare institutes. You need to choose accredited LPN programs for enrollment. Training and study period differs according to various universities or schools and then, you can be hired by a hospital, healthcare center, laboratory or private practitioner.

You can search for online LPN program, if you want to study as a part-timer. In this case, you can make your own routine for study and gain information by using Internet mode. There is theoretical training given through virtual classrooms and then, clinical practice is held to get hands on practical training.

LPN Study Curriculum

LPN study requires different modules to be covered for working and caring for sick, aged or disabled patients efficiently. There are licensed practical nurses available in hospitals or private clinics. They can take care of patients with best ways. They also might have to perform other activities like sample collection, noticing vital signs, lab testing, injecting patients and updating charts for various patients.

Job Responsibilities of LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse has to perform numerous duties, depending on the choice of their employer.

Some common responsibilities of LPN are enlisted below:

  • LPN can perform their duties under the guidance and direction of a registered physician or nurse.
  • They can check important signs of patients, including BP, respiration rate, temperature, weight, pulse etc and note them on patient’s chart.
  • Gives medications to patients through oral or injection mode. They have to notice reactions caused by medicines and give reports to concerned doctor.
  • LPN can also collect samples from patient’s body for lab testing.
  • They provide general nursing care for people having illness, injury, disability or any other medical problem. They need to assist in maintaining personal hygiene of patient.
  • LPN maintains records of patient and updates their databases regularly for doctors to know their past and present medical state.
  • They can handle minor wounds and dressings under supervision of doctors.
  • Senior LPNs can supervise junior staff and nursing assistants.
  • LPNs have morale duty to take care of patients and make them emotionally stable by confronting them for various activities.

Need of certification for becoming fully professional LPN

There are national certification exams available to become certified LPN. You can give National Council Licensure Examination and passing this test will enable you to get LPN license and you can work in a hospital or with a private practitioner. Students need to make sure that their schools or colleges are accredited and then only they can be eligible to give practice nursing. LPNs having certification are more preferred over non-certified nurses. Many prominent healthcare centers have made it compulsory to hold certification to get a job. This is the reason that there are more online applicants for LPN courses to get education and then carry forward with national certification exams.

LPN Salary

Salary is a main consideration for people to choose any career. The demand of LPNs is on a boom and there are lucrative salary packages offered for professionals working as licensed nurses. LPN with Pharmacy has a demand. Why because Most of the LPN’s work with pharmacists. Recently, we had an interview with Jason a certified pharmacist regarding this questions. He replied, Yes It can be done. Most of the people does this.The average annual LPN earning, according to a recent survey is enlisted below:

Working Centers

LPN Earning

General employment services


Physician clinic


Home healthcare services


Special nursing care facilities


General medical/surgical hospitals


These figures are enlisted by BLS and it is anticipated that the jobs would increase up to 21% in 2018, which is a huge anticipation.

Salary of LPN is dependent on employer type, geographical location, experience and certification. The range of salary is usually $30,720-$55,680 in US.

Considerations before enrolling into LPN Program

  1. Check accreditation of school/college before enrollment. Don’t go for a school having no accreditation or promising for near accreditation as it can be a complete wastage of money, time and energy. Your education needs to be acknowledged and you should be eligible to undertake national certification exam.
  2. Perquisites of every vocational college are different. Most schools need GED or high school diploma for admission. Inquire about requirements of a school/ college, before taking admission for any LPN course.
  3. Register under state jurisdiction to practice as LPN.
  4. Pass national licensing exam to get recognition as a licensed nurse.

Career opportunities for LPN

LPN is a rewarding career option with a good rate of growth. You can decide to become a licensed nurse, if you think that you can help mankind by keeping patience, perseverance and persistence in job. There are online and offline courses available for getting LPN education and you can advance rapidly by getting ahead in LPN career path.

Due to change in lifestyles of people, the need of healthcare centers and hospitals is turning more among people. This is the main reason for getting a huge career growth for LPN professionals. There are many openings in private sector as well as government jobs.

Many people have already chosen this path by enrolling into LPN training program and numerous students are projecting to take admission in very next future. Once you have completed a degree course and gained experience by working under supervision of expert set of doctors, your credibility would increase. Once you have become LPN, the next step can be to become Registered Nurse (RN). There are many bridge courses available and you can be eligible to do those training programs to become registered nurses.

Is it advisable to choose LPN career?

LPN is a suitable career for those who are born to help and care for others. People involved in this career have variable duties and have to behave in a responsible manner to attain success. They have to get educated regularly to get LPN certification.

If you wish to become LPN, remember that you will have to be a great learner. There will be long hours of practicing and it might be tiring some times, but this is how you can learn. There is physical exertion and mental tiredness for LPNs.

Being a LPN, you have to play integral role in lives of patients. You need to be assistive, positive and calm in your attitude. It can ease healing of patients and make them feel good. There is a rapid growth rate in LPN career and if you are looking for best careers in medical field, LPN can be a great career option for you.


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